Ashgrove Cheese

Increasing online sales through digital campaigns


Ashgrove, an award winning Tasmanian paddock to plate dairy farm approached Joel and the team to undertake a “digital dip”. Over the course of 3 months, we were tasked to drive e-commerce sales for their chilled dairy and ambient AmazeBalls range.


increase in monthly sales


increase in monthly sessions


increase in transaction rate



Build new business from scratch through e-commerce

Ashgrove’s online presence was limited. With an outdated website and very few digital activities previously undertaken, this was basically a blank canvas. 


Putting Digital to the test

Over the course of 3 months Ashgrove undertook our digital dip, we gained an understanding of their brand, ecosystem and tangible outcomes being driven, we were then able to derive what needed to be implemented to ensure their sales grew. 

A digital funnel system was built, delivering highly targeted and personalised ads to a consumer in each stage of their journey.

Content was overhauled. New content was planned and executed in order to drive action throughout the path to purchase while maintaining brand identity. 

Lastly, we worked with the CEO & Finance team to educate about customer journey & Lifetime Value of their customer base.

A new Shopify site was built to improve the user experience, conversion rate and average order value as the existing WordPress site, couldn’t handle the volume when we were scaling.  This then allowed us to achieve the following results. 


Studio Session-018-Edit

Products Used

We are always looking for more innovative ways of using data to steer our decision making. We want to ensure that we are spending our marketing budgets in the most effective way, and challenging current attribution models is pivotal for continued growth.

Louise Hovensjö
Global media and research director, GANT

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