Darrell Lea

Project Orange 100% Palm Oil free campaign


The Aussie icon launched their 100% Palm Oil free campaign in September 2020 and with the help of Joel and the team reached 15.8 million people on digital alone.


million people reached


increase in searches for Palm Oil


website visitors


reactions, comments, shares and saves


Launch Palm Oil free into Australia

The goal was simple, make as much noise as possible while having Australia engage with us. 


Putting Digital to the test

As a long term client, Darrell Lea was a well known brand of the team. Since 2017, we have been working with the Darrell Lea team to increase their digital presence. 

As Palm Oil free was a large campaign, we used a multi-platform approach to ensure the campaign reached far and wide. 

Working with Facebook, a Brand Lift study was undertaken to measure the uplift in consumers recalling, familiarity and consideration of purchasing Darrell Lea.  

A TikTok takeover was chosen to drive consumers to the website and ensure every demographic in Australia was aware of the recent change. A TikTok take-over ensured that every Australian users that opened the app on that day, watched the video. 

The video was further featured on YouTube and searches for Darrell Lea were captured via Google Ads. 


Darrell Lea

Products Used

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Google Ads

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Facebook ads

Facebook Ads

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Excitation + Analytics

Excitation + Analytics

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Data Attribution

Data Attribution

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Data Attribution
Data Attribution

We are always looking for more innovative ways of using data to steer our decision making. We want to ensure that we are spending our marketing budgets in the most effective way, and challenging current attribution models is pivotal for continued growth.

Louise Hovensjö
Global media and research director, GANT

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